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Paul George’s New Sneakers Are as Detailed as the PlayStation Classic

Earlier in 2018, NBA player Paul George, of the Oklahoma City Thunder, unveiled a collaboration between his existing Nike shoe (PG-2) and PlayStation. After receiving plenty of positive feedback, Paul George excitedly announced a new collaboration between him, PlayStation, and Nike Basketball: the PG 2.5 x PlayStation Colorway.

Watch the PlayStation One morph into a pair of kicks in this creative announcement video.

The PG 2.5 x PlayStation Colorway will be released worldwide on December 1, 2018. It seems like smart marketing, as this timing leads players perfectly into the launch of the PlayStation Classic on December 3, 2018.

Gamers are no stranger to sneakerhead culture. In fact, both communities have plenty in common, when it comes to their passion for collecting. These sneakers are a great piece to add to either (or both) collections, as they perfectly celebrate Sony and those iconic PlayStation One logo colors.

“Gaming is a big part of who I am,” stated Paul George, regarding the collaboration. For this design, he wanted to go back to his “earliest day of gaming.” Like many of us, that means going back to the first PlayStation console.

The PlayStation button pattern adds a layer of timelessness to the shoe, but there’s no denying that its PlayStation grey screams 1990s. The way the PlayStation logo’s color is incorporated, right down to where the laces enter, is perhaps the shoes most impressive aesthetic choice.

Take a look for yourself and check out the features Paul George loves the most about the PG 2.5.

  • The tongues of the shoe still have the PG and PlayStation logos that light up and pulsate blue, but this time we added the original four-color PlayStation logo that lights up on the other side of the tongue.
  • The strap across the top front of each shoe provides stability to really lock you in.
  • The iconic PlayStation symbols are embossed in patent leather on each shoe, just like on the original PG2 x PlayStation colorway.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]