Man of Medan Is Getting Its Ghost Stories Straight From an Old Ship

Leading up to the release of The Dark Anthology: Man of Medan in quarter one of 2019, Supermassive Games is releasing a series of Dev Diaries so we can see how this horror came to be. This first one focusses on the visual and audio design choices that went into crafting the ghost ship where this twisted adventure takes place.

There isn’t a lot of information to pull from, when it comes to the visuals of a 60 year old ship, admitted production designer Lee Robinson. Instead, the team researched how ships rust and decay, then exaggerated those features to create the rundown setting for Man of Medan.

Creating the sounds for the game required first-hand experience with those sounds in real life. The team had access to a military vessel similar to the one they were creating for the game. They used that ship as the basis for many of their recordings. Audio director Barney Pratt listed door latches, mechanisms, and direct interactions with the environment as just a few examples.

Anyone who is a fan of the horror/thriller genre knows there’s a fine line between a darkness that’s scary and darkness that’s just frustrating to navigate. Striking this balance was at the forefront of art director Robert Craig’s mind when he was playing with the game’s lighting. He was able to get exactly what was needed by putting holes in the environment where light could pour in and intentionally adding light fixtures so characters would be properly lit to match the emotional tone of any given scene.

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[Source: YouTube]