Learn More About Anthem Dialogue Options and Its Inventory-Storing Fort Tarsis

BioWare recently streamed an alpha build of Anthem on Twitch, where Lead Producer Mike Gamble and other developers showed off Fort Tarsis in detail and offered us a peek at a conversation with dialogue options. Unfortunately, the stream was cut short, as things didn’t go as planned.

Check the stream out below:

The vault in Fort Tarsis received a bit of screen time early in the stream. It basically acts as the inventory, where players can access and store items earned in-mission. Because players can only carry a limited number of items at once, the vault is an essential part of the overall Anthem experience.

Gamble and the other stream members then led the player character to the Forge to introduce Zoe. Apparently, she’s one of the first characters players will meet in Fort Tarsis. In addition to being the mechanic for Javelin suits, more about Zoe will be revealed as players progress through Anthem.

Based on the “role-playing conversation” demonstrated, Zoe seems quick witted and easy-going. The Anthem dialogue options function rather simply. Two dialogue options appear on-screen at once. Holding the corresponding shoulder button is how players will respond. The choices shown during the stream didn’t seem to offer any depth, but, perhaps, this serves as an example of an inconsequential conversation.

That said, Anthem will supposedly feature many ways for players to engage with other characters. For instance, Fort Tarsis’ courtyard and bar, which weren’t shown on stream, will be home to social interactions with NPCs. According to developers, some characters and their stories may “tug at the heart strings,” while others are more fun.

Technical difficulties meant the stream had to end early, but the team still made time for a brief Q&A session. One bit of information to come out of it is that Fort Tarsis will change over time. However, BioWare isn’t yet ready to divulge specifics on how.

Another fan inquired about whether decisions made in Fort Tarsis will affect cooperative play elsewhere in the world. Gamble said this won’t be the case. Choices players make only impact their rendering of Fort Tarsis and their own stories. The reasoning is that BioWare didn’t want opposing choices made by players to conflict with how things function in co-op.

When asked about how players will access mission-related stats, Gamble revealed that BioWare will release more information in December. This seems to suggest that these details will surface as we get closer to Anthem’s alpha testing phase.

Despite recent rumors of a potential delay, Anthem will hit the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 22, 2018.