Are You Ready to See More of Battlefield V’s The Last Tiger War Story?

DICE will launch Battlefield V’s Tides of War: Chapter 1, Overture on December 4, 2018. The newly released trailer for the first chapter teases what to expect from The Last Tiger War Story, the new multiplayer map, and much more.

The trailer’s opening segment introduces Peter Müller, Tiger tank number 237’s Commander. Whether or not he’ll be a playable character in The Last Tiger is currently unknown, but he certainly appears integral to the overarching narrative. Since this will serve as a War Story’s first time exploring the German perspective, it seems as though anything is possible.

Of course, The Last Tiger isn’t the only new content coming to Battlefield V. The Panzerstorm multiplayer map will debut, which also gets a segment of its own in the above trailer. By the looks of the brief tease, things are bound to become pretty chaotic with this map on land and in the skies. The trailer offers much shorter glimpses at Practice Range, new company gear, new weapons, and vehicle skins.

DICE recently revealed details about the patch that will launch alongside the Overture content update. Numerous changes, fixes, and improvements are coming to Battlefield V. These changes include improvements to Revive Mechanics, balancing for the Medic Class and certain weapons, Spectator Mode improvements, and more. Official patch notes have yet to go live, but are expected to arrive before Overture’s release.

Battlefield V’s Overture content will go live on December 4, 2018 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Are you excited about The Last Tiger? How do you feel about Battlefield V‘s War Stories in general?