just cause 4 easter egg

Just Cause 4 Features an Unexpected Indie Game Easter Egg

Just Cause 4 only just became available to the public, but it’s already been making the rounds on sites like YouTube. As such, players have discovered numerous Easter eggs in the open-world sandbox. One unexpected Easter egg features a connection to an indie game that became a bit of a sensation last year.

Warning: Spoilers for Just Cause 4 will appear below:

If you follow the indie scene, you may have heard of a game called Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. It centered around a man in a cauldron who had to climb up a mountain, using only a pickaxe. It is notorious for its difficulty, thanks to some nasty physics and lack of real checkpoints. The game must have been popular around Avalanche Studios, since the team included an Easter egg that’s a direct callback to Getting Over It.

Some players managed to find (what else?) a cauldron and pickaxe at a certain point in the map. It doesn’t get much more obvious than that, does it? Avalanche could have just left it at that, making an Easter egg that only a certain audience would really get. However, the team went beyond that, allowing you to actually interact with the item. And doing that essentially turns Just Cause 4 into a level of Getting Over It.

Check out the Easter egg here:

It is a bit of a jarring transition from the over-the-top insanity that is Just Cause 4. However, Getting Over It is over-the-top in its own unique way, so it kind of makes sense. Plus, it’s always nice to take a break from the grappling hook, parachute, and wingsuit action. You may not get a trophy from playing through this, but managing to make it through warrants its own sense of self-satisfaction.

Just Cause 4 is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.