Rockstar Promises It Will Fix Red Dead Online’s In-Game Economy

Since its beta launch, one thing has been abundantly clear about Red Dead Online: its in-game economy needs work. Players have reported it is unbalanced, as in-game rewards don’t provide enough money to purchase necessary goods, such as food and upgrade items. Fortunately, Rockstar has responded to these issues in a status update, promising that a fix is incoming.

Rockstar released a statement on Twitter, addressing Red Dead Online’s various problems and laying out plans for how updates will eventually roll out. Read the developer’s full statement in the tweet below:

Interestingly, the statement notes that fixes to Red Dead Online will begin rolling out at the end of this week. Rockstar plans to launch additional updates next week. Based on the wording of the status update, it seems these imminent patches will address the “persistent bugs” first, like players being booted from game sessions. We are left to wonder when the in-game economy will receive its own update. Hopefully, these issues receive a resolution of some kind by the end of the beta period, which does not presently have a date attached.

The most promising part of the statement is the studio’s claim that developers are working to ensure all activities are “appropriately rewarding and fun.” With fans and pundits raising concerns as to whether the overt imbalance is emblematic of microtransactions offering pay-to-win options, this status update seems a good first step in resolving some of the community’s key concerns.