Try Out Kingdom Hearts III at Disney World This Holiday Season

While we only have a little more than a month before Kingdom Hearts III finally releases to the public, fans will have the opportunity to try out this long-awaited title soon. Between December 14, 2018 and January 31, 2019, Disney Springs at Walt Disney World is hosting a special Kingdom Hearts pop-up exhibit. While it will feature special art and props, the highlight is no doubt a playable Kingdom Hearts III demo.

As the exhibit opens in mid-December, this means that these fans will be able to play Kingdom Hearts III before it releases. While it’s been making the convention in the months leading up its release, this is a more long-term location. And unlike those conventions, Disney Springs is free to access for everyone. Of course, there is transportation to consider, but this is Kingdom Hearts III we are talking about.

Outside of the demo, the exhibit will also feature one-of-a-kind photo ops. Life-size replicas of the various Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts III, will let you truly live out your dream of being a Keyblade master. There will also be “larger than life” pieces of art based on the game. And of course there will be merchandise there, because this is Disney we’re talking about. If for some reason you show up at the exhibit and have yet to preorder Kingdom Hearts III, you can do that there, too.

Kingdom Hearts III, more than five years after initially being announced, has finally wrapped development. Marketing is set to ramp up even more in the weeks before its arrival, as several new trailers are coming in December. Kingdom Hearts III is releasing on January 29, 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Are you considering a trip to Florida to try it out? Let us know!