R-Type Dimensions EX Brings Retro Shoot ’em Up Perfection to PS4 Next Week

Two of the most iconic shoot ’em ups ever developed are headed to PlayStation 4. R-Type Dimensions EX is blasting off on PS4 on December 19, 2018. R-Type Dimensions EX contains completely remastered versions of R-Type and R-Type II, and the game will enjoy a 20% launch discount during its first two weeks of sale.

Even if you’re a younger gamer and the name “R-Type” doesn’t ring a bell, trust us, you’ll know it when you see it in action (you can read a bit about it here). These games inspired and spawned countless side-scrolling shooting games, and were arcade legends in their day. Both games absolutely hold up, and they’re as challenging as ever.

Thankfully, you’re given the choice to play the original arcade version with three lives or in an “infinite mode” which allows you to progress through every level no matter how many times you die. No matter which mode you play, you’ll be shooting for the highest score possible.

Player options extend beyond the game modes, though. At the tap of button, players can switch on-the-fly between the original 2D visuals and retro music, and the newly-remastered 3D visuals and music. The transition is unobtrusive, and players are encouraged to swap between the two modes as much as they’d like. There are even more display options in the settings for those of you who want to find the perfect retro aesthetic.

Here are the key features, straight from Tozai Games:

  • Two complete games: includes all 8 original R-Type levels and all 6 original R-Type II levels
  • Switch between hi-res 2D/3D graphics with revamped music, or play the classic versions with the push of a button
  • Infinite Mode and Level Select: learn the levels inside and out for the perfect, 1CC runs
  • Co-op Mode: 2 players can play together “couch co-op” style or add collision for competitive play
  • Slow motion play function: weave through bullets and enemies with ease
  • Custom controller configuration: change the button layout to match your play style

If you’ve been dying to play a good shoot ’em lately, we can’t recommend this package enough. For the retro lovers, it’s a no-brainer.