final fantasy 14 a requiem for heroes

Final Fantasy XIV 4.5 is Coming Soon, and A Requiem for Heroes has a New Website

We already know that Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.5 is on the way, which will introduce the A Requiem for Heroes storyline, which also brings the new Blue Mage job with it. While a trailer for this content, which was originally announced at the Vegas Fan Fest, is still forthcoming, Square Enix has launched a website for the update, and released a new batch of screenshots showing off what to expect from the Blue Mage.

In A Requiem for Heroes, Ala Mhigo has to defend its newly-won freedom from the Empire, which naturally seeks to get its revenge and reclaim its lost territory. At the same time, the Scions appear to be suffering from an “incurable slumber,” leaving the land vulnerable. The source of this slumber seems to be a mysterious voice, and it’s up to the player(s) to solve the mystery.

Of course, at the same time, a shifty, new character appears to show off his new magic style, that is a far cry from the Black and White magick everyone is used to. While few find this person trustworthy, he claims that anyone who purchases a “soul crystal” from him can learn to use the magicks of monsters.

As a Blue Mage, the player will gain access to a spellbook, which will keep track not only of spells you acquire, but also help find where to learn new ones. Paired with the class is the Masked Carnivale, which is a set of events just for Blue Mages that helps them test their abilities and earn new stuff in the process. A new dungeon, the Ghimlyt Dark, is also introduced in the update.

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