PlayStation Is Sending Codes for a Free PS4 Holiday Theme, Check Out a Preview

PlayStation 4 users in the Americas have reported receiving emails from Sony with download codes for a pretty nifty holiday dynamic theme. It may not be as exciting as the $10 vouchers and discount codes that we’re used to receiving around the holidays but don’t write it off just yet. The theme looks really nice, and comes with soothing music (that reminds of L.A. Noire‘s awesome title screen soundtrack).

You can preview it all below, courtesy of YouTube user SegaSaturnSNK.

“We wanted to thank you, the PlayStation community, for a glorious 2018,” reads an accompanying note from Sony. “Together we’ve embarked on new journeys, battled heroic fights, and saved the world. The power of play is what brings us together.”

According to the message, the content is only available to download via the codes emailed to players so it doesn’t look like the theme will be made available for purchase.

Initially, only US-based players reported receiving the emails but as of this writing, a ResetEra thread indicates that folks in Mexico and Brazil have received the codes as well. It seems that those outside of the Americas have been left out yet again.

If you have a US account but haven’t received the email then you might still be in luck. ResetEra users who are in the giving mood have been sharing their codes for others to avail so if you would really like one, head over there via the links provided below.

If you’re not based in the aforementioned regions and have received a code, let us know.

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