Marvel’s Spider-Man Will Get Its Own Comic in 2019

Marvel’s Spider-Man swung into 2018 with a bang, and it’s been taking over the world ever since. Insomniac’s portrayal of the iconic webslinger has quickly become a fan-favorite, and he’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, he’s making the jump from the PlayStation 4 in March 2019, as Marvel just announced that Marvel’s Spider-Man will be getting a six-issue comic book adaptation.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: City at War is an retelling of the story presented in Insomniac’s game, but it will expand on certain key moments and also reveal some new events. Expect to see iconic moments from the game, like the first battle against Kingpin, the breakout at The Raft, and the quiet character moments that resonated with many. The series will also feature some behind-the-scenes looks at the game’s development. It is written by Dennis Hopeless (Spider-WomanAll-New X-Men) with art by Michelle Brandi (X-Men Gold).

It may not be as flashy as a new game, but it could certainly help curb the appetite of fans waiting for the inevitable sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man. There is the final chapter of Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never SleepsSilver Lining, which launches soon, but that storyline will be well wrapped-up by the time this series launches.

Even though Marvel’s Spider-Man has only been around for a few months, this incarnation of one of the most iconic superheroes has already appeared across various forms of media. Insomniac’s Peter Parker is an integral part of the Spider-Geddon crossover event, which also happens to reference a real Spider-Cop! In addition, while he doesn’t physically appear in the movie, Spider-Man’s suit from the game makes a cameo in the recent Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse movie.

[Source: CBR]