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Soulcalibur VI’s Next Update Makes Changes to 2B

Soulcalibur VI’s next major update won’t be coming until 2019, but Bandai Namco has already detailed the changes fans can look forward to. One of the update’s main purposes is fixing issues presented in the previous update, which just went live on December 17th. The update’s even making some changes to 2B, who was only recently introduced to Soulcalibur VI. There are also changes affecting characters such as Azwell and Raphael, as well.

Here are the full patch notes for the Soulcalibur VI Ver1.11 update:

Gameplay adjustments

  • Adjusted some aspects of the battle gameplay.

    Example: Fixed instances in which “Astaroth” was able to stay in Soul Charge mode beyond the fixed amount of time. Or instances in which some vertical attacks were not hitting opponents moving in 8WAY-RUN.
  • Adjusted certain characters and moves that ended up being more powerful than intended.

    Example: Raphael’s Reversal Edge, Azwel’s stance change, Voldo’s various special stances, …
  • Corrected “2B”’s movement list :

    Corrected some inaccurate/erroneous information displayed on “2B”’s movement list. The tip that specified that activating the following move would result in a continuous combo is inaccurate/erroneous “During Aggression Shift while soul charged B.B ~ During Aerial Leap B+K”. To correct this, we have added information that stipulates the above mentioned move does not result in a continuous combo in all but some of the characters. 

Network issues

The game would get stuck on either the character selection screen or the stage selection screen. This issue will be fixed with the next patch. Temporary fix instructions until the patch: Wait for a few seconds on the stage selection screen.

Soulcalibur VI is available n0w on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Bandai Namco]