Compile Heart’s Virtual YouTuber Stars in Super Ileheart Quest

Compile Heart has a “virtual YouTuber” character named Ileheart, and she’s getting her own video game. Titled Super Ileheart Quest, this game has been revealed ahead of the next issue of Dengeki Neptune, and will be fully unveiled once the magazine hits the shelves and newsstands on December 20, 2018.

The issue, which is Dengeki Neptune Vol. 4: Super Neptunia RPG Special, presumably is a big blowout on the Canadian-developed Super Neptunia RPG. However, it will also contain new information on Super Ileheart Quest, including more screenshots and information on what the game actually is. As of now, the Dengeki Online website has only revealed the title, and doesn’t even include information on platforms.

Ileheart, as a virtual YouTuber, seems to be playing hostess to Compile Heart’s official YouTube channel. She also has an in-character social media on platforms such as Twitter, so it seems to make sense that she’s getting a video game project based on the character’s popularity. She doesn’t seem to have much of a North American presence, as Idea Factory International handles all the publishing and online marketing stuff over here. So if Super Ileheart Quest makes the trip over, it seems like this would be her western debut.

In other Compile Heart news, Super Neptunia RPG is still on the way after a couple delays. A new RPG called Death End re;Quest is scheduled to launch early next year as well, and a couple of new titles from the developer were also revealed earlier this year, around the summertime.

[Source: Gematsu]