In-Game Ads Quietly Disabled in Street Fighter V After Only Two Weeks

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Capcom would be including in-game advertisements in Street Fighter V in attempts to generate more revenue. Players could opt in and would start seeing ads for all things Capcom, like the 2018 Capcom Cup. Doing so would grant bonuses such as extra money. This was an interesting idea, but it seems Capcom has pulled the plug and all in-game ads have disappeared.

Earlier on December 26, 2018, a report from Event Hubs stated that all in-game ads have been pulled, following the error message, “The sponsor is currently not available, so you cannot use the selected color.” Previously, ads were presented via costumes, loading screens, and stages. A posting from Capcom stated that the in-game ad event was scheduled to run from December 11-25, 2018, so it does not appear like this was a result of feedback, as it was planned.

It seems as though the sponsored in-game ad event will appear intermittently, according to a Capcom post, and that the company will be taking player feedback into consideration once the event returns. There is no word on what the exact nature of the future of these sponsored events, but it is likely we will see them again. At this time, Capcom is probably tweaking things and making sure it’s right for the community. We will update you when we get more information on sponsored events for Street Fighter V.

[Source: Event Hubs]