Capcom is Introducing Sponsored Content to Street Fighter V

Capcom had a couple intriguing announcements for Street Fighter V today, showing that the company is thinking of new ways to both expand the game’s audience, and expand its potential to generate more revenue. Earlier, we reported that Capcom is introducing a new, limited-time free trial of the game, including some of the DLC roster additions. But along with that, Capcom is also introducing a new method of in-game advertisements, which players can opt into in exchange for some bonuses.

For the most part, it seems like this Sponsored Content initiative is all about self-promotion on Capcom’s part. For example, with Capcom Cup 2018 on the way soon, you’ll start seeing Capcom Pro Tour logos all over the game if you opt in. This will also apply to other add-ons such as bundles and costumes. There are three ways the Sponsored Content can be presented, per Capcom Unity:

  • Costumes: Ad Style – Every character will have an Ad Style costume where the sponsored content will appear somewhere on their clothing or model
  • Loading Ads – A sponsor will appear in the versus screen before a battle – this will not affect loading screen times
  • Stage Ads – Some tournament stages feature a sponsor like the Ring of Power

If you have Sponsored Content turned on, you’ll receive bonus Fight Money when playing online in Ranked or Casual matches. However, Capcom does state there is an “upper limit” to that bonus, and the specifics have not been detailed yet.

Additionally, Capcom also provided details on the options for Sponsored Content, for players who wish to opt out of the in-game advertising. Here are those details:

  • Sponsored Content Settings – Here, you can adjust the sponsored content settings. Turn sponsored content on to receive bonus Fight Money in Ranked and Casual Matches.
  • Sponsor Display – Turning the setting on allows you to access sponsored content such as Ad Style costumes.
  • Loading & Stage Ads – Selecting “on” gives you access to Stage and Loading Ads.

[Source: Capcom Unity]