Capcom Announces Free Street Fighter V Trial for December 11th-December 18th

Just in time for Capcom Cup 2018, which kicks off on December 14, 2018, Capcom has announced a free trial for Street Fighter V. The free trial will be open to PlayStation 4 and Steam players and will go live on December 11th at 1 pm PT. A pre-loading option will become available that morning at 9 am PT. Street Fighter V’s free trial will last approximately one week, ending on December 19th at 9:59 am PT.

PS4 players without a PS Plus subscription can download the trial and join the fun. However, playing Street Fighter V online does require PS Plus. Non-PS Plus members will still have plenty of content to sink their teeth into, as the trial includes all of the game’s original content. Furthermore, the trial features every mode from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

The content noted above includes all 16 of the combatants in Street Fighter V’s original roster. In addition to those 16, players will get to try their hand at three DLC bonus characters—Akuma, Guile, and Sagat. Certain limitations will be placed on the DLC fighters for the trial period, though. Players will only have access to Akuma, Guile, and Sagat in Ranked, Casual, Battle Lounge, Training, and Challenges modes.

Additional modes include Versus and Arcade. Versus mode allows players to go toe-to-toe with opponents in local multiplayer. In this mode, players can also choose to fight against computer-controlled combatants. Meanwhile, the Arcade mode that debuted in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition gives fans the opportunity to “relive the past main entries in the series.”

Capcom Cup 2018 will begin on December 14, 2018. The event ends on December 16h.

[Source: Capcom]