Limited Run Games Is Releasing NeuroVoider on PS Vita, Ending the Hold

Limited Run Games is hitting the ground running with a few titles kicking off 2019, including Celeste (January 1st), Sundered (January 4th), and now NeuroVoider for the PlayStation Vita (January 4th). Due to Limited Run Games having a shortage of Vita cartridges, the company was forced to put over ten PS Vita releases on hold, as they announced last month. But the release of NeuroVoider means we could still see Limited Run Vita releases.

With the PS Vita officially ending production in 2019, Limited Run Games will be giving fans of this niche handheld one last hurrah. It has been two years since NeuroVoider released on PlayStation 4 and almost a year since the game released on the PlayStation Vita. This top-down shooter will definitely push back, in terms of difficulty. And with procedurally generated content, gigantic bosses, and 8,736 unique enemies to fight, you’ll have plenty of content to keep things feeling fresh.

Will you be picking up NeuroVoider when it releases via Limited Run Games at 10 am ET on January 4, 2019? And what games do you want to see get a physical release on Vita? Let us know in the comments below.