It’s Difficult to Compare Anthem’s Story Length to Other BioWare Titles, Says Devs

Despite villain-related teases and brief bits of lore, little is known about Anthem‘s story. The game’s length seems especially mysterious. Apparently, there exists a reason for the lack of clarity. BioWare isn’t ready to talk specifics on this front. Furthermore, comparing the length of Anthem’s narrative to that of other BioWare games is supposedly not an easy task.

Lead Producers Ben Irving and Mike Gamble recently expressed as much on Twitter, while answering fan questions. Irving addressed the matter first, upon being asked whether Anthem’s game length is on par with the likes of Mass Effect or Dragon Age. Irving responded with the following tweet:

Gamble later responded to a similar question, which asked if he could reveal how long the story takes to complete. In his response, Gamble noted that the story will feature “a lot” of content, including side missions. He answered as follows,

In a subsequent response to the Twitter thread noted above, Gamble reminded fans that “Anthem will continue to grow” after launch, too. There hasn’t been much revealed about BioWare’s post-launch plans, but the team has previously announced that Anthem’s story DLC will be available for free.

Anthem will launch on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019. However, players can get hands-on time with BioWare’s latest before then. BioWare plans to launch a VIP demo on January 25th. A public will go live shortly thereafter, on February 1st.

[Source via Game Rant]