Preorder a Physical Copy of Metro Exodus for a Mutant-Filled Panoramic Poster

4A Games has announced that fans who preorder a physical copy of Metro Exodus will also get a panoramic poster. The poster, titled “The Creatures of Metro Exodus,” depicts the numerous mutants players will come across during their journey through Russia’s post-apocalyptic wasteland. This preorder bonus is applicable to both the standard edition and Aurora editions. For players who have already reserved a copy of the game’s physical edition, there’s no cause for concern. The poster will be provided to preorder costumers upon retrieval from a retailer.

4A Games revealed the news on Metro‘s Twitter page. The tweet featuring the panoramic poster is linked below:

In addition to providing depictions of Metro’s many mutants, the poster has each monster’s name listed below the image. It’s an incredible detail. However, missing from the news overall is the poster’s size. Neither the above tweet nor the post on Metro’s website offers information as to the panoramic poster’s dimensions.

This preorder news closes out a big week for Metro Exodus. 4A Games announced a photo mode will be available for the upcoming title at launch. A new story trailer recently hit the web, teasing the game world’s harshness. Artyom’s signature equipment has been brought to life and packaged in a remarkably rare special edition. Finally, 4A Games launched the first part of a three-part “Making of” video series, documenting Metro Exodus‘ lengthy development.

Metro Exodus will arrive on February 15, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source:, Metro on Twitter]