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The Minecraft Movie Just Got Another New Director

Despite facing numerous creative setbacks, the Minecraft movie is still in development at Warner Bros., and it just got another new director. Peter Sollett, known for films like Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, is officially attached to the long-gestating project. He has been brought on board to write and direct the upcoming film.

The adaptation of the highly popular video game will center around a teenage girl who has to save her home, the Overworld. When the Ender Dragon begins causing mayhem and destruction, she must bring together a ragtag group to stop it. The adventure will probably involve a bit of building, too.

While Minecraft is a hot property, the road to putting together a movie adaptation has been a rocky one. Two big names, Shawn Levy and Rob McElhenney, were each attached to the direct at different points. However, they both departed the project, with Levy claiming he and Mojang had differing opinions on what the film’s tone should be. Hopefully Sollett’s hiring is the last major hurdle in finally getting this film off the ground.

Even though Warner Bros. first started development way back in 2014, Minecraft definitely hasn’t waned in popularity since. With over 90 million monthly players, there’s certainly still an audience there. The studio seems committed to seeing this project too, which is a reassuring sign.

The Minecraft movie was originally supposed to be released in May 2019, though that’s not going to happen now. A new release date hasn’t been given yet, but there’s certainly no shortage of video game adaptations coming to theaters. Even if one of them is pure nightmare fuel.

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