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Leaked Disney Infinity 4.0 Footage Shows a Kingdom Hearts-esque Crossover

The unfortunate demise of Disney Infinity stung even more with the knowledge that the developers still had grand plans for the franchise. What was to be the next installment, Disney Infinity 4.0, looked to be the most ambitious yet. Instead of releasing different standalone sets based off of various Disney properties, it looked to be massive crossover bringing all corners of the Disney universe together.

The footage recently surfaced on ResetEra, which showed, among other things, Aladdin, Rocket Raccoon, Yoda, and more all teaming up to save Agrabah from the Galactic Empire. Now, this is footage from very early in development, meaning things like animation, camera control, and voice acting are far from polished. But it’s still an exciting look at what could have been.

Gameplay in Disney 4.0, subtitled Kingdoms, seemed to be much more open-ended than previous entries in the series. Each level appears to be its own sandbox, which makes you wonder if the Toy Box mode would remain in this iteration. Seeing characters like Judy Hopps and Spider-Man roam around Agrabah may make some uneasy, but what better way to make use of all those figurines? The Kingdoms subtitle gives the impression we would travel to a number of Disney worlds, but of course, that’s all speculation.

Sadly, it was never meant to be, as Disney pulled the plug on the Disney Infinity franchise in 2016. One of the casualties of this was primary Disney Infinity developer Avalanche Software, which was also shut down. Thankfully, the studio was revived by Warner Bros. about a year later, and may even be working with another beloved property.

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[Source: ResetEra]