Fortnite is Bringing Back a Revamped Glider Redeploy as an In-Game Item

Epic Games has tested the ability to re-deploy gliders in the past, and now the developer is bringing the feature back, though maybe not as you’d expect. While the mechanic will essentially operate the same, it is being introduced as an item found in-game. The change will be introduced in the v7.20 update, which also brings the scoped revolver along with it.

With the introduction of this feature, glider redeploys will work just as any other item. They can be found in treasure chests, vending machines, on the ground, and in Supply Llamas. Finding one will take up exactly one inventory slot, and each one has a set of charges. Once you use up the charges, then the item will be gone from your inventory. It should be noted that you do not need to select the glider from within your inventory, and you can use it just like you normally would.

As such, the Soaring 50s mode will also see a bit of a tweak. Everyone who joins the mode will be given an glider that has 50 charges in it. However, being in Skydiving mode will not result in a loss of charge for your glider. That also applies to using the Rifts-to-Go and Launch Pads, as well. So break out that new glider you got from the 14 Days of Fortnite and be ready to get some air!

As always, Epic will be keeping an eye on player feedback, and will adjust the feature accordingly. Are you excited for the return of the glider redeploy? Let us know!

[Source: Epic Games]