Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience Gets Hit With Another Delay

Initially intended to create holiday hype for Kingdom Hearts III, Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience was supposed to come out on December 25, 2018. Then it was delayed to January 18, 2019.  And now, it has landed on yet another release date: January 23, 2019.

The one week delay of Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience will still get the game out before the next entry in the mainline franchise, thus accomplishing its goal, in terms of marketing. But now the gap between the two games is only five days. Additionally, Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience now shares a release date with Resident Evil 2 which will draw attention away from this brief interactive experience.

Clearly, the game is having a rough start and, given the time it’s coming out, it may slip under people’s radars. But Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience still has plenty going for it. It’s free, extremely short (approx. 10 mins), allows players to unlock new content as they play (potentially expanding the playtime), and will receive additional stages later in the year.

So maybe Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience won’t get a chance to really build more buzz around Kingdom Hearts III, but it could still be valuable. It will offer fans some entertaining vignettes of key franchise moments, a potentially nice refresher, and it could lead to more VR content in the future from Square Enix.

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience will launch on January 23, 2019, with Kingdom Hearts III releasing just a few days later on January 29 ,2019.

[Source: Gematsu]