Beat Up Demons and Angels as a Dog (and his Demon) in ‘Holypunk’ Co-Op Brawler Obey Me

Publisher Blowfish Studios has revealed Obey Me, a horror-themed co-op brawler from developer Error 404 Game Studios that is also apparently “holypunk,” a phrase I have never seen before in my lifetime. It’s an upcoming game that already has a comic book tie-in ready to roll, and we’ll all be able to hop on our PlayStation 4s to fight fight demons and harvest their souls sometime in third quarter 2019.

Obey Me sees the player or players taking on the role of ex-human Vanessa and her Hellhound Monty, as the pair become involved with a war between Heaven and Hell. The pair can harness the souls of downed enemies in order to upgrade their weapons and abilities, and can even use Fusion Mode to combine to form an “avatar of destruction.”

While the story of Heaven and Hell will play out fine by itself in the game, Dynamite Comics is also set to publish a series of Obey Me comic books. Ben Herrera, who has contributed cover art for the X-Men and Spider-Man series over at Marvel, is the marquee artist on the series. Issue #0 will be a preorder bonus for the Obey Me video game, but it will also ship to comic shops and be available in digital marketplaces in March 2019. Five more issues will follow that, although no more details are available.

If you’re going to PAX SouthObey Me will have a presence at the show. Blowfish Studios will be showing the game off at booth 11204, from January 18 -20 in San Antonio, Texas.