Far Cry: New Dawn Has Officially Gone Gold One Month Ahead of Its Debut

With less than a month to go before its launch date, Far Cry: New Dawn has gone gold. This news comes by way of the title’s Technical Director, Raphaël Parent, who celebrated this development feat on his personal Twitter account.

While development on the title may be complete, the team at Ubisoft Montreal is probably still hard at work in some respects. Whether or not players should anticipate a day one patch has yet to be revealed. However, such fixes are so commonplace that they’re usually expected.

If there are plans in place for post-launch DLC, neither the studio nor the publisher have suggested as much. Given Far Cry’s history with post-launch expansions, it is surprising that we haven’t heard anything. Perhaps news on DLC, if there’s any planned for Ubisoft to share, will emerge as Far Cry: New Dawn’s release date draws nearer.

Recently, details on Far Cry: New Dawn’s ESRB rating hit the web. As expected, the franchise’s latest installment has received an “M” for Mature rating. Of course, violence typical of a Far Cry entry bears most of the repsonsiblity for the ratings board’s decision. Yet, the colorful language apparently present throughout the new title also served as a deciding factor. Evidently, not even a nuclear fallout can fully eradicate lewd language and behavior.

Soon, players will get to explore a post-Far Cry 5 world when Far Cry: New Dawn launches for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 15, 2019.

[Source: Raphaël Parent on Twitter via GamingBolt]