Another Celebrity Sues Epic Games Over Fortnite Emotes

Yet another celebrity has decided to test their legal powers against Epic Games. This time, it’s James “BlocBoy JB” Baker who is alleging the Fortnite developer ripped of his moves. According to him, the “Hype” dance that can be found in-game is a clear knockoff of the dance used in his “Shoot” music video.

Interestingly, the lawsuit came just as he was registering the copyright for the dance. We shall see if that adds him any favor or not. He had previously complained about the dance in Fortnite, but had yet to take any legal action until now.

This is only the latest in an increasing list of notable figures taking legal action against Epic Games for the emotes used in Fortnite. It all started when rapper 2 Milly sued the game developer for allegedly stealing his “Milly Rock” dance. Following that, both Alfonso “Carlton Banks” Ribeiro and Backpack Kid also pursued legal action against Epic over their respective “signature” dances. Finally, there’s “Orange Shirt Kid,” whose mother decided to sue Epic for using his dance moves in the game.

It’s currently unknown how any of these cases will end up going. The final results will surely set a standard for the industry moving forward. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what kind of results the lawsuits have.

In non-legal Fortnite news, the battle royale keeps on churning out content. The newest update recently went live, introducing the ability to disguise yourself as a snowman. In addition, you can try your hands at the latest round of challenges.

[Source: Variety]