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Alfonso Ribeiro and ‘Backpack Kid’ Both Filed Suit Against Epic Games and Take-Two Over Dance Moves

It almost seemed exceptional when, earlier in the month, rapper 2 Milly filed a legal complaint against Epic Games over its use of the “Milly Rock” in Fortnite. Now, more complaints against Epic Games have been filed by celebrities with intellectual interests in certain Fortnite-included dance moves. NBA 2K19 publisher Take-Two Interactive has also become the target of legal action.

Joining 2 Milly are actor Alfonso Ribeiro (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and an “Instagram star” known as Backpack Kid. Of course, many many know Ribeiro as Carton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Backpack Kid’s claim to fame is the Floss dance, which has arguably been the move most associated with Fortnite as it has spread through popular culture like a wildfire.

In addition to Ribeiro and Backpack Kid filing complaints against Epic Games, effectively joining 2 Milly, all three seem to have filed complaints against Take-Two Interactive around the same time. According to Variety’s coverage of this story, all three are represented by the same lawfirm.

Ribeiro’s dance, known as “The Carlton,” has been a long-running staple of pop culture, dating all the way back to 1991. Ribeiro himself came up with the dance, and it has been a big part of his career since The Fresh Prince of Bel Air ended its run. Part of the legal argument on his part is that The Carlton is connected to Ribeiro’s likeness at this point, along with claiming the dance as intellectual property. Presumably the other two cases are making similar arguments.

[Source: Variety]