Kojima Says Death Stranding’s Release Will ‘Take a While’

The ongoing mystery surrounding Death Stranding has been intriguing to some and frustrating to others. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, it’s fair to say that many are curious to see what this game actually is. After tirelessly working on the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima has been able to work on his own new project, with his team having free reign to do what they want. The prospect of this is exciting, but it seems like we won’t be seeing Death Stranding for a while, according to Kojima.

Recently, Kojima tweeted about a film titled Arctic, which stars actor Mads Mikkelsen. (He also has a role in Death Stranding.) A Twitter user asked Kojima “Do I get to play Death Stranding now?” Kojima’s response was not surprising:

It’s unclear what this means exactly, but considering many were suspecting that Death Stranding might be ready to go in 2019, this response is telling. If you look at Kojima’s track record, he is traditionally a man who likes to take his time, so expecting his upcoming game to be ready this year might be unlikely.

However, Kojima is also a man who likes to surprise his audience, so perhaps he will have something to show this year. Based on what we’ve seen so far, Death Stranding looks stunning, but it’s not quite clear what the moment-to-moment gameplay will be like. Whatever it is, the team at Guerrilla Games was impressed after seeing the first two hours of gameplay.

His tweet might not mean much, since Kojima likes to catch us off guard, but even still, it may be surprising to see Death Stranding this year.

[Source: Twitter]