Troy Baker May Have Just Teased Death Stranding’s Release Date

Troy Baker is teasing a possible 2019 release date for Death Stranding. In a recent tweet, Baker capitalized on the viral ten-year challenge, which is the reason all of your friends and family keep posting pictures of themselves from 2009 next to a recent image from 2019. Baker’s tweet contains an image of Snow from Final Fantasy XIII and an image of the newly-revealed Man in the Golden Mask from Death Stranding. Check it out:

The world met Snow in 2009, so the implication here is that the world could very well come face-to-face with the Man in the Golden Mask in 2019. Does Baker know something that we don’t? Could we get a Death Stranding release date update from Kojima Productions soon?

We do know that the game is coming along nicely. All of the trailers we’ve seen have been absolutely killer, and Hideo Kojima recently returned to Guerrilla Games headquarters to show off a private gameplay demo of Death Stranding. The folks at Guerrilla were really impressed by what Kojima and his team have been able to pull off with the Decima Engine. Whatever they saw must have left a lasting impression, because we’ve heard from multiple members of Guerrilla’s team about how great it looked.

As for Baker, it may be worth keeping an eye on his profile. It’s only a matter of time before some loose-lipped voice actor, producer, or Walmart Canada reveals the release date for Death Stranding. When that happens, we’ll update you straight away.