Battlefield V Devs Provide Updates on Top Issues Including Loading Screen Hangs and Ping Spikes

DICE Producer Jaqub Ajmal has revealed that the first draft of Battlefield V‘s big February update is now complete, the patch notes for which are about seven pages long! While a release date has yet to be announced, the developer has provided updates on top issues affecting all platforms.

According to DICE, the following issues are being prioritized at the moment:

1. Loading screen hangs between map loads

  • Status: Currently, we are trying to reproduce this issue internally so that we can get detailed logs of what happens under the hood when this issue occurs.

2. End of Round screen not reporting correct Company Coin gained

  • Status: We currently do not have a fix for this issue internally, but we are working on resolving it as quickly as possible.

3. Tiger Tank skin reward does not unlock when collecting all the letters in the single player campaign

4. Ammo Crates and Health Crates fall through the floor

  • Status: We think that we have a fix for this issue and are waiting for our QA team to verify that it works. The fix is currently pending for a February release.

5. Panzerstorm performance issues since recent Update #2

  • Platforms Affected: PlayStation 4
  • Status: We are currently looking into this issue; however, we have been unable to reproduce it in our internal game environment, and we need a bit more time to properly investigate.

6. Players get stuck in a downed state when being revived by someone that gets killed during the revive process

  • Status: We are tracking reports of this issue, but as we understand it, it’s a very rare bug with the current update.

7. Occasionally a player spawns with no weapon (entire Players upper-body is invisible on client side only. They can still fire their weapons.)

  • Status: We have been unable to reproduce this issue internally. If anyone has a good way of forcing this issue to happen with a 100% reproduction rate please let us know, as internally we have been unable to force it.

8. Ping spikes after the Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update #2

  • Status: We need more information on this from you, our community. If you are getting this issue, what country are you playing from and what servers are you connecting against? Also, please ensure that your ISP is not having routing issues, and that your equipment is not affected by any interference. A wired connection is usually better than running WiFi. We also know that for example in South Africa, Middle East Countries and Asian countries there is a big lack of Xbox One players playing Battlefield V, so those players will be sent to regions that actually have players, which means that they might get a bad ping. We have another ongoing initiative where we are trying to get more people to play the game at the same time in these regions.

9. Re-enable ability to purchase past Tides of War weapon rewards (now that Company Coin accrual issue is resolved)

  • Status: Good news! We have a fix for this internally and are currently looking at where we could release it. We are currently tracking this for release sometime during February.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information about the February update. For more on Battlefield V, check out our recent coverage.

[Source: Jaqub Ajmal (Twitter), Battlefield]