Capcom Relaunches Its Online Store

Capcom has decided to relaunch its online store, giving fans of franchises like Devil May Cry and Resident Evil the chance to buy some exclusive collectibles. In addition to being a stop to buy some of Capcom’s titles, there is also some high-profile merchandise available for preorder right now!

Capcom first launched an online store way back in 2008, though that incarnation ultimately closed. However, the Japanese publisher has decided to reintroduce it for 2019. You’re able to buy some of Capcom’s most notable games, including Resident Evil 7Mega Man 11, and Monster Hunter: World. You can even preorder upcoming games, like Devil May Cry 5.

You’re not able to buy merchandise quite yet, but there is plenty on its way. Well, plenty if you’re a Monster Hunter fan. You can preorder a host of Monster Hunter merchandise, including some truly adorable plushies. While the breadth of franchises is a little lacking at the moment, more will likely be introduced in the store’s lifetime.

There’s also a membership you can sign up for. Members can earn points buy purchasing goods, and these points can in turn be used to get some exclusive merchandise. From various figures to some truly awesome art books, there is plenty for the Capcom super fan to get their hands on.

Capcom is certainly prepping for a great 2019. The launch of Resident Evil 2 resulted in strong sales and critical acclaim. In addition, it has the eagerly-anticipated Devil May Cry 5 releasing in March. Presumably, the launch will come with some new merchandise, as well.

[Source: ResetEra]