Experience the Thrills Firsthand with the Trials Rising Open Beta

We’re quickly wheeling our way to the Trials Rising launch, but players will have the opportunity to test it out before it officially releases. Ubisoft has announced that a Trials Rising open beta will be taking place from February 21-24, 2019. Though it is an open beta (meaning anyone can join in), you’ll still have to sign up to get access. You can register for it on Ubisoft’s website.

The beta will allow players to try out the Trial Rising global multiplayer, along with a host of other features. You’ll have access to five different bikes, including the absolutely incredible 2-person Tandem Bike. There will also be 18 tracks available for you to test out these bikes. The tracks offer a range of different difficulties, allowing players of all skill levels to try out their skills.

One of the bikes available is the Helium Bike, which can be equipped with the exclusive Turbo Bike Exhaust. This item turns the bike into a loud-roaring motorbike, and anyone who acquires this in the beta will be able to use it in the full game. Other features include the “Challengers” mode, 8 online multiplayer tracks, and over 2,000 stickers to customize your equipment.

We recently got a look at the Trials Rising Expansion Pass, which brings plenty of post-launch content, including two new sets of globe-trotting tacks. We also got to try out Trials Rising for ourselves, testing out the new features introduced in this installment.

Trials Rising will release on February 26, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.