Snow Villiers Officially Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

While he’s not available worldwide quite yet, Final Fantasy XIII‘s Snow Villiers is making his way to all corners of the world to join the Final Fantasy crossover fighting game. As of right now, he’s only available in New Zealand (where it is February 22nd), but expect to see him pop up in your region soon.

Snow was originally announced in January 2019, after it was confirmed that the final season pass character would be male and from the latter half of Final Fantasy. The announcement of Snow was a bit of a surprise, considering Final Fantasy XIII doesn’t tend to be regarded as a fan-favorite. However, as Lightning was the only Final Fantasy XIII character for a time, it does also make sense, in a way.

The “Snow Villiers Starter Pack” is now available for purchase on the New Zealand PlayStation Store, and includes the following:

  • Patron of Yusnaan I (Appearance)
  • Patron of Yusnaan II (Appearance)
  • Patron of Yusnaan III (Appearance)
  • Crystal Guard (Weapon)
  • Ghastly Guard (Weapon)
  • Sacrificial Guard (Weapon)

Here’s a look at Snow in action:

With the the release of Snow, the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT season pass is now complete. Buying the Season Pass gets you the following characters:

There hasn’t been word on any other DLC past this, but with the wealth of characters the Final Fantasy franchise has, there certainly wouldn’t be a shortage of fighters to chose from.

Based on the release of Snow in New Zealand, he should be released on February 22, 2019 in other regions. Are you excited to play as the newest Dissidia Final Fantasy NT fighter? Let us know!

[Source: Siliconera]