Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Newest Character Comes from Final Fantasy XIII

As promised, Square Enix and Koei Tecmo have revealed the newest Dissidia Final Fantasy NT DLC character. However, this character is a bit of a surprise. It’s none other than Snow Villers from Final Fantasy XIII. He will join the arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy on January 30, 2019, and joins the PlayStation 4 version sometime the following February.

Check out the first look at Snow in action here:

Snow is only the second character from the Final Fantasy XIII universe to join Dissidia. Main protagonist Lightning has been a part of the game since almost the beginning, after originally appearing in Dissidia 012 Final FantasyFinal Fantasy aficionados will know that the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT version of Snow takes inspiration from his appearance in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. He also has that weird arm thing that he had in Lightning Returns, so there’s that.

Mr. Villers is the final character to be a part of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s season pass. He was previously described as a male character from the latter half of the Final Fantasy series, which certainly describes him. Previous additions include Vayne Carudas Solidor, Locke Cole, Rinoa Heartilly, Kam’lanaut, and Yuna.

We had previously heard Dissidia Final Fantasy NT DLC would be released until February 2019. There hasn’t been any word on another season pass of any sort, so it’s very possible Snow could be the final character joining the roster.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is now available on the PlayStation 4. Are you excited to play as Snow, or was there a different character you wanted to see join? Let us know!