Try Your Luck at the Dead or Alive 6 Demo Right Now for a Limited Time

Dead or Alive 6 is on the way, but those itching to get their hands on the newest entry in the long-running series are now able to test it out themselves. The Dead or Alive 6 “Deluxe Demo” is now available on the PlayStation Store. Be aware, however, that the demo is for PlayStation Plus members only.

The demo is surprisingly robust, featuring all 24 characters in the base roster available to play as. There are also plenty of modes for fighters to take part in. The highlight of the demo is the chance to take part in online Ranked matches. Contrary to previous reports, however, Lobby matches are not part of the demo.

Even though Lobby matches aren’t included, there’s still plenty of other content for fans to take part in. Free Training, Tutorial, Command Training, and Combo Challenge are all playable in this demo. In addition, the beginning of Dead or Alive 6’s story mode is available, as well.

Despite being a “Deluxe Demo,” there are still limitations in regards to online play, so it’s not quite the full experience (it is a free demo after all). The demo runs all weekend, and lasts until February 24th. However, Koei Tecmo wants your feedback regarding the demo. A survey will be open until February 28th (JST), with the intention to find potential improvements that could be made.

As we get closer to Dead or Alive 6’s release, it has faced some controversy. An effort to promote the game at EVO Japan was stopped in its tracks after the clip was deemed NSFW, which is ironic considering reports that the game is taking a darker, more serious tone that will move away from fan service. Its future in the fighting tournament scene now remains in question.

Dead or Alive 6 releases on March 1, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.