Overwatch’s Brigitte Voice Actress Responds to Players Misdirecting Character Criticisms Towards Her

Matilda Smedius, the voice behind Overwatch support character Brigitte Lindholm, has publicly addressed players who have been misdirecting their criticisms of the character towards her.

Some players have been sending angry messages to Smedius about the character’s design, which is something she has no control over. Sharing an example of one such message she received on Twitter, in which a user claimed that Brigitte “destroyed Overwatch and the meta,” Smedius wrote:

I know I shouldn’t spend any time on people like this, especially when 99.999999% of all my interactions with people online are super positive and supportive (I love you all so much), but it just makes me so confused as to why someone would send me this kind of message. Like, fine, if you feel like one character destroyed a whole game, you have the right to think so, but maybe give constructive criticism to the developers instead of harassing the voice actor.

Smedius went on to apologize for raising the issue publicly but she evidently seemed confused about the messages, and it looks like she’s received enough of them that she felt the need to address the community.

“I’m so sorry for tweeting about this, I really only want to spread love and positivity,” Smedius continued. “I just don’t understand the point of people doing this.”

Brigitte was added to Overwatch in March 2018. The character has often been criticized for being overpowered and difficult to counter, prompting Blizzard to acknowledge players’ concerns and promise appropriate fixes.

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[Source: Matilda Smedius (Twitter) via Dexerto]