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Disney Properties That Need to be Worlds in Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts III is finally, mercifully out. Did you think that was enough to keep us satisfied? Well, it was for maybe about a month. By now, the true fanatics have presumably beaten Kingdom Hearts III, which means it’s time to look ahead. While the future of the Kingdom Hearts series remains a big question mark, there’s one thing we all know for sure: there will be plenty of Disney worlds to make chaos in. (Well, we can assume, but there is always that chance that will not be the case, if at least temporarily.)

The lineup of Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts III were mostly comprised of new additions, and the returning worlds really did feel like new ones. While many did appreciate the selection this time around, it’s impossible to please everyone. However, the fact we weren’t forced to make another return trip to the likes of Atlantica and Halloween Town was appreciated. The worlds of Kingdom Hearts III felt more diverse, expansive, and overall interesting than before.

With that, the next Kingdom Hearts game should have an equally wide and varied set of worlds. There’s no reason it shouldn’t. The Disney of 2019 is different than the Disney of 2002. Heck, Disney will be a completely different company by the end of the 2019! It’s unlikely that these worlds will be featured in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III DLC, but there’s always future titles to take into consideration!

A couple of factors were taken into consideration when making this list, mainly diversity of environments and source material. With that, here are Disney properties we’d like to see introduced in the Kingdom Hearts series. What would you want to see? Let us know!