Paid DLC Will Be Coming to Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III may have been out for weeks now, but it seems that there is still be plenty of reasons for fans to go back to the adventure in the near future. While Kingdom Hearts III has already gotten DLC via the addition of the Memory Archives and those post-credit sequences, it looks like even more content is on the way. Nomura confirmed that the team is still working on additions to the long-awaited game, including some highly-requested features. Some of it will be free, like the other updates we have been, but there will be some premium DLC on the way as well.

Nomura didn’t detail what this paid DLC would include, but fans shouldn’t expect multiple releases throughout the year. “For paid DLC, we want to combine a lot of things and release at once,” he said. While he did mention the content “will take time,” he also did say “we want to finish working on the DLC by this year.” So expect an announcement and release by the end of 2019.

However, there’s plenty of other content for fans to look forward too, as well. Nomura did confirm that Critical Mode, which has been highly-requested, will come via a free update. The extra-hard difficulty mode is still being tweaked, but it will be ready sometime in 2019, at least. Other free updates will be coming throughout the year, as well, though we don’t have a clear idea on what those will be quite yet.

It was confirmed that this DLC is taking the place of a “Final Mix” re-release that previous Kingdom Hearts games have gotten. This means fans won’t have to worry about going out and buying a new copy of Kingdom Hearts III to get this new content (well, at least until the “Game of Year” edition launches). What would you want to see from Kingdom Hearts III DLC? A new world? Or some post-ending storyline? Let us know!

[Source: Dengeki Online via ResetEra]