Could Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Play Be in the Cards?

With the topic of cross-play ever present, most developers of major online-centric games are at least bound to address it at some point. It should come as no surprise, then, that Ubisoft Montreal has spoken out about whether such a feature is possible in Rainbow Six Siege. While cross-play isn’t currently in the works, it is something the studio considers may be eventually worth the effort.

Xavier Marquis, Rainbow Six Siege’s Creative Director, expressed as much in an interview with Australian publication Stevivor. During the Six Invitational in Montreal, Marquis told the website he’s “thinking about” cross-play for Rainbow Six Siege. He continued, “I’m really happy because I’m now seeing signs from consoles makers to accept it, and for it to be okay to do cross-play.”

However, the studio’s interest in cross-play doesn’t mean it’s something actively being pursued. In fact, according to Marquis, there’s currently nothing planned in this regard. Marquis told Stevivor, “today we are not really working on it. We are thinking about it, but nothing is planned.” Fans probably shouldn’t get their hopes up, then.

But who knows what the future may entail? Since console manufacturers are becoming more open about cross-platform play, anything seems possible. Yet, though titles like Fornite and Rocket League have been free to enable the feature on PlayStation 4, smaller developers have noted issues with Sony in the past. As Chucklefish CEO Finn Brice previously stated about Wargroove, which has cross-play on other platforms, Sony repeatedly denied requests for the feature’s accessibility on the title’s PlayStation 4 version. Perhaps, there’s still a long road ahead?

[Source: Stevivor]