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Can Gaming Recliners Be Revitalized With the RESPAWN RSP-900?

RESPAWN (not to be confused with Respawn Entertainment, who are a bit preoccupied at the moment) is a brand that manufactures premium gaming hardware, which right now consists of desks and chairs. The latter category has seen an update to its lineup with the announcement of the RSP-900.

What’s so different about this chair that the series number had to jump up by 500 and an MSRP checks in at $299.99? Learn more in our brief preview and gallery below.

Time to Get Comfy

The RSP-900 appears to be created with comfort at the forefront of its design. RESPAWN said as much in its press release, which stated that this chair was “built down to the last detail with lasting comfort in mind.” We received a review unit ahead of the announcement and have spent a few hours sitting back in the chair, taking in the feel of it all.

The entire chair is plush, and that even includes the armrests. This is especially noticeable when you consider that all other RSP models have more traditional, firm armrests. A comfy neck pillow is also included, with RESPAWN stitching across the middle. There are red accents, or “colorways” as RESPAWN describes them, on a black chair that sits at approximately waist level of someone of average height.

The key differentiators for this chair are its unique reclining configuration and an intriguing left armrest. Sure, other chairs recline, and in fact RESPAWN’s own RSP-110 model includes an extendable footrest. But the 110’s footrest is separated from the base of the chair, leaving a gap. This can create pressure points on some people’s ankles, and the gap can be a trap for cables when retracting.

The RSP-900 solves both of these problems by fusing the chair base and footrest together. Now, the footrest supports the gamer’s legs, while a continuous unit leaves no gaps to accidentally snag any cables or controllers in. Meanwhile, the left armrest includes a large cupholder, along with a removable pouch to store controllers, snacks, and more underneath. To top things off, the back reclines separately from the base, unlike a traditional reclining sofa.

RESPAWN has given itself a daunting task—to motivate the average console gamer to get up off the couch and into a recliner. But the plush seating and inclusion of a cupholder and accessory bag, combined with a unique reclining feature, may entice some to at least consider a purchase.

RESPAWN boasted that it is “backed by OFM, a furniture manufacturer who decided to make a line of gaming furniture, not gamers who decided to make furniture.” OFM has been in business since 1995, so evidently the company does know a thing or two about making comfortable furniture, but time will tell.

Yes, $299.99 is a lot of cash to plunk down for any gaming accessory, but then a couch with the same add-ons will cost several hundred to thousands of dollars more. While it’s too early to render our verdict on this interesting piece of tech, it seems RESPAWN has comfort in mind when it comes to the RSP-900. Expect our full review in the coming weeks following extensive testing (and maybe sleeping).

Does this chair pique your interest? Or are you forever destined to game from a couch? Let us know in the comments below.