These The Division 2 Themed GUNNAR Glasses Will Protect Your Eyes While Taking Back Washington DC

With the launch of The Division 2 today, there’s a good chance you’ll be staring at a screen a lot as you take back Washington DC and then explore the looter shooter’s extensive endgame. In game, you’ll want to gear up to protect your Division agent, but what about protecting your own eyes? GUNNAR has a set of limited edition The Division 2 computer glasses just for the occasion, so that you can rep the game in style while saving your eyes from the strain that comes with long hours on digital devices.

The Division 2 GUNNAR glasses take the Intercept design and give it stylish orange earpieces complete with the fictional Strategic Homeland Division logo. The other side says “Unite” with a stylized image of the Capitol Building in the text, while the game’s logo sits on the inner side of the earpieces. They also come with a custom microfiber carrying bag sporting the SHD logo. The lenses themselves are GUNNAR’s proprietary patented design with a Blue Light Protection Factor of 65, curvature to reduce dry eyes, and special coating to reduce glare. The frames may look different, but your still getting that GUNNAR’s protection.

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Retailing at $79.99, they do come in $10 more than the standard Intercept frames for the added customization, but if you’re a big fan of the game, the extra expense might be worth it. What’s great about GUNNAR glasses is that—barring clear versus amber lenses—their technology is the same throughout their line, but they offer a massive variety of styles to make sure that you look great protecting your eyes. You can read our full review of the slightly slimmer Vertex frames from last year (which I have continued to use since). The Intercept frames that The Division 2 GUNNARs use are a bit taller in the lenses which does help to reduce some light leak from the top and bottoms of the frames, but otherwise provide the same excellent experience I get with the Vertex style.

This isn’t the first time that GUNNAR has partnered with Ubisoft for themed eyewear. Last year a limited edition set of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey glasses were released, as well as a set of amber lens GUNNARs made to replicate the look of The Father from Far Cry 5. There’s a three-year licensing agreement in place with Ubisoft, so expect to see more GUNNARs paired with Ubisoft titles in the future.

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