Gearbox Brings the Mayhem With the Most Deliberate Borderlands 3 Tease Yet

With the PAX East 2019 festivities imminent, Gearbox has unleashed what is likely the final Borderlands 3-related tease ahead of the show. Unlike other hints at the franchise’s future, there’s no way of mistaking this teaser for anything other than a Borderlands nod. This new look at what’s to come consists of Psycho mask imagery, pictured in the featured image above, and a brief trailer.

Check out the Borderlands teaser, titled “Mask of Mayhem,” in the video below:

As with most teasers, there’s not much to go on here. The beautiful showcase of art in the above trailer, set to the tune of Two Fingers’ “Fools Rhythm,” does feature a few notable moments, though. For one, a man and a woman appear to be prominent figures in the trailer. Maybe it’s their hairstyles, but they seemingly favor one another. Additionally, the duo also looks as though they could favor noted Borderlands antagonist Handsome Jack. Could Handsome Jack have had offspring, other than Angel, who are integral to the franchise’s next phase? Honestly, when it comes to Borderlands, anything is possible.

Imagery of Handsome Jack himself makes a brief appearance in the trailer, too. Another notable cameo includes a Claptrap fighting, or fleeing from, a Skag. Mordecai and other Vault Hunters from previous Borderlands titles appear, as well.

Interestingly, Gearbox isn’t labeling any of the above material as Borderlands 3. Perhaps such a reveal is being saved for the studio’s PAX East plans, which will begin on a livestream on March 28th at 11am PST. During this livestream, Gearbox will show off more than Borderlands content. Based on another recent teaser image, a new game from the developer is expected to be announced during PAX. It’s also possible that news concerning the future of both Bulletstorm and Duke Nukem series are on the horizon.

[Source: Gearbox Official on Twitter]