Gearbox Seems to Unleash Credible New Borderlands 3 Tease for PAX East 2019

It’s time again to obsess over the possibility that Borderlands 3 may soon be on the horizon, as it appears Gearbox has once more teased the much anticipated title. In a recent post on the company’s official Twitter account, a teaser image is shown that certainly looks representative of the beloved shooter franchise.

Check out the tweet in question below:

The March 28th date and Boston, Massachusetts location are a direct reference to PAX East 2019, an event Gearbox has already said it will attend with “never-before-seen reveals.” With regards to the image itself, there’s another key aspect worthy of note, in addition to the font, cell-shaded visuals, and desert location. Atop the highway sign sits a smaller one, which informs readers of an incoming exit, “Exit 3.” Might this be mere coincidence? Possibly. Yet, given the image’s other qualities, this almost has to allude to Borderlands 3.

If the series’ third mainline entry is indeed scheduled for a PAX East announcement, it’s been a long time coming. Borderlands 2 originally hit store shelves in September 2012. Since then, a number of rereleases have launched for the acclaimed sequel, including releases on the PS Vita and, most recently, the PlayStation VR. As such, calling the wait for a proper follow up long seems a gross understatement. Fortunately, at long last, news of Borderlands 3 may finally be imminent.

On March 28th, Gearbox will host a special PAX East panel in the Main Theatre. In addition to the aforementioned reveals, the company has “exclusives” and “surprises” in store. At present, what this all entails remains to be seen.