Atlus Will ‘Discuss’ Persona 3 and Persona 4 Ports if an Opportunity Arises

While the future of the Persona franchise certainly seems bright, fans continue to wonder if past releases, such as Persona 3 and Persona 4, will ever reemerge for current generation consoles. Interestingly, Atlus USA and Sega of America Board of Directors member Naoto Hiraoka said Atlus is indeed aware of what players want in this regard. However, the company can’t quite reveal whether such rereleases are in the works.

During an interview with GNN Gamers, translated by Persona Central, Hiraoka was asked if Atlus plans to release Persona 3 and Persona 4 on current generation hardware. Hiraoka stated the following in response:

Although we can’t specifically tell you anything at the moment, we have always received a lot of suggestions from the players. We have received and understood the voices of the players, and if there is an opportunity, we will actively discuss it.

It may not be the answer fans were hoping for, but at least Atlus is aware of what people want. Fans should not fret, though, as there is plenty of Persona content on the horizon. In addition to Persona 5 receiving official figurines from the likes of Funko and Good Smile Company, Joker will soon enter the arena in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Plus, a new game has recently been announced for the PlayStation 4, Persona 5: The Royal.

Apart from a rather cryptic teaser trailer and website, very little is known about Persona 5: The Royal. Yet, it seems a new female character will be joining the fun. Her identity, as well as her connection to the series, remains as mysterious as the game itself. Luckily, Atlus plans to release details in the coming weeks. Fans should expect a roll out of information to take place during the Persona Super Live Concert, which is scheduled for April 24th.

[Source: GNN Gamer via Persona Central]