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Persona 5 Pop! Figurines From Funko Set to Arrive and Take Your Heart

The Persona series has some of the most die-hard fans out there, with Persona 5 crossing 2 million in sales. Because of its popularity, the series has been known to have its fair share of collectibles, ranging from figures, to statues, and even plushies. Today, Funko revealed a set of Persona 5 Pop! figures at the London Toy Fair and they look quite stylish.

Below is an image of the lineup, featuring four of the main characters from the game in their Phantom Thieves gear, with a variation on Joker.

Persona 5 Funko Pop

In addition to Joker in his street clothes, the Funko Pop! series features Skull, AKA Ryuji Sakamoto, Panther, AKA Ann Takamaki, and the adorable Morgana.

An article from Persona Central indicates that the possible release date for these figures is February 26, 2019, per a preorder list from EB Games/Gamestop. While this date has not been officially confirmed and Funko Pop! figures have been known to shift their dates around when it comes to release, they have at least have a 2019 release window.

In case you needed more Persona 5 in your life, but aren’t sold on the Pop! figures, it seems like there is a new version of Persona 5 in the works. As we reported on earlier this month, a new domain titled Persona 5 R appeared, seemingly hinting at something new for Persona 5. We will find out more about that in March of 2019.

When we get more concrete info regarding the release dates of the Pop! figures, you’ll be the first to know. Will you be picking any of these up? Let us know in the comments!

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