Sucker Punch Job Listing Suggests Ghost of Tsushima Remains in Early Stages of Production

The announcement of Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima hit during Paris Games Week 2017. Since then, news has trickled out about it piecemeal. Inarguably, the most vague aspect concerning the title concerns its potential release date. If a recent job listing for the studio is anything to go by, it appears Ghost of Tsushima’s launch may be further off than fans are hoping.

A couple of days ago, a new job listing for Sucker Punch Productions went live on Gamasutra. The job in question is for a Narrative Writer, specifically one who can “help create engaging narrative content” for Ghost of Tsushima. According to the listing, Sucker Punch intends to hire for a “full-time, contract position.” In this role, the Narrative Writer will be expected to aid in the development of story and write dialogue. The short list below provides an outline of responsibilities for the Narrative Writer:

  • Write high quality dialogue under tight deadlines for a diverse cast of characters who live in the world of 13th century Japan.
  • Work closely with content designers to write missions for an open-world game.
  • Contribute to other creative areas of the narrative including secondary game content, dialogue barks, and writing content for marketing materials.

This seems a big position to fill for a game that’s supposedly been in production for a while. However, that this may serve as a sign of Ghost of Tsushima’s still being in early development is mere conjecture. Without a statement from Sucker Punch, there’s no way of knowing how the Narrative Writer will function within the already established team of creatives. Perhaps this role will consist of someone who primarily focuses their efforts on side missions? It’s also possible a new Narrative Writer is being hired to replace someone who recently departed the studio. Again, all of the above is only conjecture, which should be taken lightly until either Sucker Punch or Sony officially weigh in.

[Source: Gamasutra via SegmentNext]