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Myst Creator’s Firmament Needs Some Help to Come to PS4 and PSVR

Firmament, the next game from Rand Miller and Cyan Worlds, needs your help. With less than a week to go in its Kickstarter campaign, the studio needs just a little bit more support to push it over the edge. Sitting at around $880,000 with more than 11,000 backers as of the time of this writing, the goal is set at $1,285,000 to fully fund the project. Projects will often see a burst of support in the final days, but as time is winding down, Firmament needs a bit of a push to get over that threshold. In addition to funding the project, Cyan Worlds recently revealed the first stretch goal: A mac and PS4/PSVR version if the campaign can reach $1.4 million.

First revealed back in early 2018, the next game from Myst creator Rand Miller and Cyan Worlds promises to expand the adventure genre on things they’ve learned since classics Myst and Riven, all the way through their most recent title, Obduction. We had a chance to interview Rand Miller a few years ago about the tentpoles for Cyan’s adventure puzzle games, and how they blend narrative, discovery, and puzzle solutions together in a seamless manner. For them, “we’re not building games. We’re building worlds.”

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If, like me, your childhood was filled with mad scribblings in a Myst notebook, or you eagerly explored the worlds of Riven to see how deep the rabbit hole went, Firmament should get your attention. Rand Miller says that it has some callbacks to Myst, with an embrace of the steampunk magic vibe that the mysterious island was known for. It will also come with plenty of unique and interesting worlds for players to explore and discover along the way. It will have support for both 2D screen and VR play, just like the studio did with Obduction, both on PC and PS4 (as long as it reaches its goal).

If you’re a fan of what Cyan Worlds does, help bring Firmament to a wider audience and those on consoles by supporting the Kickstarter project now.

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