Obduction PS4 Trophy Guide – Spoiler Free

Obduction is a fascinating mystery presented in a world that feels isolated, but at the same time is littered with stories. My review of the puzzle game calls out a number of technical issues that prevent it from being great, but if you can get past the stutters, freezes, and long load times, you’ll find that the story, environment, and puzzles call back to the Cyan classics like Myst and Riven. Our Obduction trophy guide isn’t here to spoil the sense of discovery from figuring out puzzles, so it will remain free of spoilers for the main game.

Now that Obduction is out on PS4, there are fifteen new trophies to obtain, including a platinum. Many of the trophies will be obtained through the course of the regular game, with only a few that you’ll need to go out of your way to get. We’re not providing a guide for how to complete the puzzles and finish the game, but our Obduction trophy guide will make sure that you don’t miss any trophies during your playthrough.

With each trophy, we’ll offer a hint so that you can figure out the puzzle yourself, and then give away the answer. Obviously we will try to remain as spoiler free as possible, but sometimes in describing the locations or circumstances surrounding the missable trophies, there will be minor spoilers.

Obduction PS4 Trophy Guide

Note: If a trophy is not listed here, then it will be obtained during the course of the story. We’ve left them out to avoid spoilers.

Sweet Revenge

-Destroyed the box of infinite complexity

Hint: There’s an electronic box that seems pretty complex in the second world. There’s another location where you’ll find a 20 digit code in the same world. Seems these things might go together. You can get this trophy at any time before the end of the game.

Solution: In Kaptar (the second world), you’ll come across a box with a series of lights, dials, and buttons on it. Eventually you will drop the stairs nearby, which will hoist the box into the air. To find the code to drop the box and break it, you’ll have to go in the room off to the side of the hive (when you head down to water the tree). In this room, there is a swapper machine attached to a scale and half of a dead alien. The 20 digit code is on the table (different for every playthrough). Enter the code into the box and press the enter button to release it and get the trophy.


-Viewed an Easter Egg

Hint: There are really no amount of hints that I could give that would help you if you weren’t going to figure this one out on your own anyway. You can get this trophy at any time before the end of the game.

Solution: That machine you just dropped to get “Sweet Revenge?” Time to use it again. Enter code 0118-9998-8199-9119-7253 and press enter. If done right, the lights on the machine will just start flashing green. Now it’s time to enter the Easter egg code. There are a bunch of these that you can enter, but for the sake of ease, here’s the one I used. Enter 4247-3318-7154-8125-0036 and press enter. Now head back to Hunrath (the first world) and go into Farley’s house to look at the new slide on the projector. If you entered the code above, it should be an image of a cat, and the trophy will pop.

Close to Death

-Approached an active Mofang WMD

Hint: See those flyers around Hunrath telling you not to go near a certain object? When you find that object, go near it. This trophy is missable, as the object will not last until the end of the game. You need to get it before the object is destroyed.

Solution: On Maray (the third world), after the area with the pods, you will come to a floating Mofang device. This is a bomb, and approaching it too close will kill you and end the game. Carefully approach the device until the trophy pops. Make sure that you approach the device before using the blue beam to destroy it. Once you destroy it, you will have to reload an old save or restart the game to get this trophy.

Sweet Caroline

-Found Farley’s pod in the silo

Hint: This involves entering a specific number into the Villein machine in order to pull up a certain pod. There should be a record of who is in what pod. Make sure to get this trophy while you are near the pod, as this area becomes inaccessible later.

Solution: On Maray (the third world) after the maze puzzle, you will come to a silo full of pods. You can enter numbers into the Villein computer to pull up specific pods. On a table nearby is a book with a record of who is in which pod. Find Farley’s number (194) and enter it into the machine. Learning Villein numbers is part of the main story, so I will not go into the specifics, but here is a screenshot of Farley’s number.

Obduction ps4 trophy guide Farley pod

Raising Arizona

-View Earth from Soria

Hint: There’s a certain vista with a particular view late in the game that will get you this trophy. This trophy can be obtained anytime after visiting Soria before completing the game.

Solution: On Soria (the fourth world), you’ll come to a fork in the main path. Go right, which will take you straight up the hill. If you reach the tree, you’ve gone too far and will need to backtrack. Get to the top of the hill to see the view and this trophy will unlock.

Power’s On

-Checked in with C.W. after turning on the power

Hint: Talk to C.W. after turning on the power.

Solution: On Hunrath (the first world), you’ll need to turn on the power to the town. This is part of the story. Once you do this, return to where C.W. is and speak with him to get the trophy.

Home Run and Scattered Seeds

-Trophies for the two endings.

Hint: There’s a certain trigger repeatedly brought up by C.W. that determines which ending you get. You can only get one trophy or the other when viewing the endings.

Solution: The Obduction endings are determined by whether you plug in C.W.’s battery or not. Right before you go to trigger the end, make a manual save in front of the battery connection. It’s upstairs in the building to the left of where C.W. is. View one of the endings, reload the save, adjust the battery, and view the other ending. You will receive both trophies this way.

The rest of the trophies will all be obtained through the story, and if you follow our Obduction trophy guide to make sure you don’t miss any of them, you should have the Obduction Platinum trophy within a single playthrough (plus the cleanup save for the second ending).