GT Goku Joins Dragon Ball FighterZ This May

Bandai Namco has announced the release date for the next Dragon Ball FighterZ character, Goku GT. In addition, the publisher also gave fans a first look at the fighter in-game via a new preview. Be sure to keep your eyes on May 9, 2019, as that’s when the fighting game’s newest character joins the roster.

Take a look at Goku (the other one) here:

Goku GT is the third character to join Dragon Ball FighterZ in its second season. He joins the previously-released Jiren and Videl. Two other characters, Broly (Dragon Ball Super) and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gogeta, have been announced as the final two additions, though they don’t have a release date. Another currently unannounced character will also be a part of second FighterZ Pass, as well.

Despite being the umpteenth Goku iteration, Goku GT has a few unique tricks up his sleeves. He’s able to transform into the all-powerful Super Saiyan 4 to take down his opponents. In addition, he’ll be able to use Super Spirit Bomb, Power Pole, and Reverse Kamehameha during each fight. He may be small, but this Goku certainly looks like he can pack a punch.

If you want to use Goku GT for yourself, you’ll be able to either buy him separately for $4.99 or the FighterZ pass for $24.99. Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Goku GT will be released on May 9, 2019. Are you excited to play as this new iteration of Goku? Who would you want to see added to Dragon Ball FighterZ? Let us know!