Here’s Yet Another Marvel’s Spider-Man Figurine to Add to the Collection

Another Spider-Man figure of the hero as he appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Man will soon arrive. The latest figurine is from Bandai Spirits’ S.H. Figuarts, and will launch on an unspecified date in September 2019, just in time for the game’s one year anniversary. It will be sold for 6,480 yen (or about $49 USD).

S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Advanced Suit figure definitely impresses with its attention to detail. Made of ABS and PVC materials, the figure stands approximately 150mm tall. It’s a posable figure, too, featuring a number of additional parts.  The packaging for the S.H. Figuarts figure will include all of the following:

  • Body
  • Alternative head part
  • Alternative hand part (left, right) x5 types each
  • Alternative eye part (left, right) x2 types each
  • Web part x5 types
  • Spider Drone
  • Web bomb x2
  • Smartphone
  • Support part for changing eyes part
  • Joint for Tamashii STAGE

For a closer look at the figure, check out the image gallery featured below:

Those interested in picking up the figure once it launches may have to do so quickly. On the Bandai Online site, it appears the figurine is already out of stock. Whether or not preorders previously opened and have since closed remains to be seen. Curiously the same seems true for Japanese retailer AmiAmi, which has the S.H. Figuarts action figure listed with a “Preorders Closed” tag. Like Bandai Online, it isn’t currently clear as to whether or not preorders on AmiAmi have simply yet to go live.

Of course, there are other Marvel’s Spider-Man figures collectors can choose from. The Marvel Gallery PVC line will launch one of its own in May 2019. Preorders for the $40 figure are already live on retail websites, such as In addition, preorders are currently available for the Sideshow and Hot Toys Spider-Man figure, which costs a pricey $251. At present, it has no set release date, but is expected to launch by November 2019.

[Source: S.H. Figuarts via Twinfinite]